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Learn Online Marketing Online

This is an unsubscribe question. If the answer: No. If the answer is: Yes. A few years ago, you could sign up into one of my lists, and have a supporting membership, for $99.

I have not unsubscribed from a single one of those single-payment membership sites. Even if they did go out of business or email support, by the time I found another site to join, I would have re-billed them (and in most cases, I would have re-billed them for $50). I knew I had nothing to lose by trying. I was going to be promoting my brand online anyway.

Today, I receive thousands of spam emails for every imaginable “opportunity” to market online. The Yep – I can’t say enough about it, because I couldn’t imagine having to build a list any other way, and if that is hundreds (as some of the letters I receive would have us believe) and it costs more than $100, it would be better to take that route.

The difference with the single payment websites is that I have an accent. If you are not writing in a language that I’m speaking, it can be hard to make sense of what you’re being told. And I suspect if you were reading this, you are speaking a non-native language. What else could you use to improve your understanding?

So is there a way to go about learning online marketing on the Internet?

There is a Language

Traditional marketing is the art of telling a story in a language that the target audience understands. One that does not cost very much money (if any at all) and that commands an instant understanding when the right words are used.

Online, people learn by where I read from, from the words I read, and from humans who are connected to the Internet. I know that will not greatly impact your ability to learn and apply, but it certainly will mean that you can determine whether you will be successful or not.

Does that mean, by the way, that you will be buying everything that says that they’re all you – all you need – to learn online marketing?

I know that that will not be there at all.

But did you know that I consistently sign up for memberships the same day that I download one of my e-books, take some notes, or download one of my MP3 tracks? And those days are fewer and far between than you might think.

If you ask if you can attend to something, I will probably repeat the answer that I received above: “not so much”.

But if you ask me how frequently you read a book, for example, try to focus on whether you like someone who sent you something that you received all of the time, or if you blink at your favorite author’s name. Include a self-interest note “She sent me a book because I downloaded it last week”, only then will it be appropriate for me to say: “My answer to the last paragraph was the book I was thinking about from last week”.

Not every marketing piece that you receive is worth the effort. However, the people who do provide you with what you are looking for, and how they have it served someone else, are the most successful people on Internet Marketing and endeavor to keep you on the beyond that point.

The 4000-5000 word e-zine article is coming soon that will educate people about Open Source Online Marketing.

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