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PHP is a dynamic scripting language that can be embedded into an HTML page, making a web page appear dynamically. It could be used to process data, send an email, execute commands, create distribution lists, and much more.

PHP extends the power of HTML by offering almost the same power and functionality in a dynamic web page format. PHP is probably the most popular of the scripting languages out there and is often mistaken for HTML-only. Using PHP, you can achieve many of the things that a lot of web developers would like to achieve with their website:

Static Pages

Smaller files make PHP a relatively small script. You can have a very simple PHP page that likely only runs every few seconds on the server-side before you need to update it and lose all the files you accumulated. If you ever have joined sites that require a dedicated hosting server, you can have static pages to help you supplement and grow your site’s power. It’s a tremendous boon for hosting companies because it allows them to don’t have to incur extra expenses or extra programming to include PHP into non-million dollar websites.

Forum, Blog, and Message Board

Many website scripts can be written solely in PHP if you’re looking for a very basic webpage. This is much easier than in HTML and can be done quickly and easily with the PhpFTP client. PHP can be included in HTML pages, comments, and files, giving you the means to do things like making forums or blogs.

  • PHP has the dynamic ability and is a very powerful tool for site updated and interactive needs because of its server-side running ability.
  • CGI ( COMMAND FREE TransKy Engine)
  • PHP offers a powerful application process that is easily implemented by any computer exponential software.
  • Safari, Opera and Firefox
  • Additionally, PHP can be incorporated into the HTML of your website to allow an incredible range of creativeness and functionality options, like the ability to display dynamic images, generate PDF reports, print your data offline, and much more.

Append Business Cards

You’ll be able to use PHP in a variety of varied ways. You’ll be able to customize PHP in business cards and email emails to show your business card or logo.

Have you ever had an idea you want to convert to PHP? songs, photos, 000 web pages, or whatever it is you want to create will have a PHP file just waiting to accept the data you desire – it’s your PHP playground.

As I write, a hacker dictionary is published, so at least your software will be secure – but a hacker could certainly go out and hack into your site and it may be that you find that your site is actually hacked by someone, but with a hacker dictionary, you won’t even have the initial problem.

To summarize, there are lots of systems out there that base their PHP setup on this standard, and we all have no clue what our servers are doing without PHP.

I know I said I wrote a guide! And maybe it is, but I know my abilities a little more than you know.

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